Wollongong leaders strip down for Prostate Cancer

There is nothing like squeezing a handful of industry leaders and sportsman in a pair of oversized Y-fronts to get people talking about Prostate Cancer. More men die of prostate cancer each year than women do of breast cancer. True. Don’t let the men in your life become a statistic

We can’t thank Michael Briggs, Marty Haynes, Dr Sharma, Peter Brown, Lord Mayor Gordon Bradbery, Rod Wishart, Graham Lancaster + Andrew Newhouse enough!

Here at Wollongong Diagnostics, we are fortunate to have the unparalleled experience of Associate Professor Rajeev Jyoti, who has made a significant contribution to prostate Imaging and imaging-guided prostate biopsy in the Asia-pacific region. He has performed over 2500 Prostate MRI reads and over 500 MRI guided biopsies.

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